Notice Some of These Things In Making A Medal

If you are someone who is appointed to prepare an Olympics, then you will also prepare for the medals that will be given to the participants. You must prepare what kind of medal should be given to the participants of the Olympics. So, can help you in making the medal.

A medal that you make should pay attention to the following points in order to be used in the ongoing Olympics. Some things to watch out for are1. Medal type
Normally, there are three types of medals that must be given to the participants. Namely, gold, silver and bronze medals. All three types of medals must be awarded to the winners according to their sequence in the Olympics. For example, the 1st winner will get a gold medal, 2nd winner will get a silver medal, and 3rd winner will get a bronze medal.

2. Olympic logo
This is something that should not be forgotten. You must equate between the Olympic logo with the medal logo that you will give to the winners.