Your Concrete can Crack

Reinforced concrete is an excellent composite structure for use in building construction. In reinforced concrete structures there are various advantages resulting from the merging of two materials, namely concrete and steel as reinforcement. We know that the superiority of the concrete is its high compressive strength and shear forces, while the reinforcing steel is excellent for withstanding tensile. The merger between the concrete and reinforcing elements enables the construction agent to acquire new materials with the strength to resist compressive, shear forces, and tensile so that the overall construction of the building becomes safer and stronger. You can visit our website if you need a concrete crack repair.

Because of the advantages, it has, then the use of reinforced concrete as the main building structural material is very popular. Reinforced concrete is more of an option than other materials such as bamboo, wood, conventional or steel concrete. The application of reinforced concrete to building structures can usually be found in the foundation (inner pile type, bored pile), sloof, column, beam, concrete plate, and shear wall.

But behind the advantages of reinforced concrete when compared with other materials, reinforced concrete also has problems that can reduce its superiority. Among the problems that are often encountered is a crack problem that occurs in the material. Cracks in reinforced concrete may arise during pre-construction and post-construction.

In fact, any reinforced concrete applied to the structure of the building will inevitably occur cracks, which should be considered is whether the crack can be tolerated because it is harmless or the cracks are harmful to the overall structure of the building. Cracks in reinforced concrete are caused by several factors, due to the influence of the nature of the concrete itself as well as the external environmental factors that affect the concrete directly.

If we look at the type of crack, there are two types of cracks in reinforced concrete that are cracks that occur during the manufacture of concrete and cracks that occur after the concrete is finished. Of the two types of cracks are a lot of various factors that lie behind the crack.