3 New things in State of Decay 2 that players must know

Now, State of Decay 2 allows players to develop every trait and character of the characters to strengthen the community. Then, gather resources to build and strengthen the base. Then, increase your favorite survivor profile to become a leader in the community by listening to suggestions and solving challenges. Meanwhile, you may want to buy the best 13 inch gaming laptops online to play this game soon.

Players can also manage the relationships and goals of survivors who are saved to build communities in the future. IGN Media also finally displays Gameplay footage of State of Decay 2 through IGN First session.

There are at least five new things that can be done in State of Decay 2:

1. Co-op multiplayer mode

Seeing the enthusiasm and a large number of gamers who played their first sequel, Undead Labs finally embodied the suggestion. Now players can play up to 4 co-ops in State of Decay 2. Players can play this co-op mode using their own community characters or join other player’s campaigns.

Or you can fire a flare signal into the air to send a message to other players as a sign of playing together. Stay in trouble when attacked Zombie Horde even though it is in co-op mode? Do not worry, friendly fire feature in this game is not running so you do not have to worry if one shot a friend.

2. Permadeath

Actually, this feature is not a new thing because it’s been around since the first sequel. However, since it can now play State of Decay 2 in co-op mode, this feature will also be a challenge for players. When a player character dies while playing in co-op mode in another player’s campaign. The character will also die in the player’s own campaign.

3. New blood plague

State of Decay 2 offers a new gameplay mechanism called “Blood Plague”. Blood Plague is a blood plague carried by a type of zombie with the same name that can infect player characters. These infections spread through the blood when they attack. If the player character or the survivor in the community is affected by this outbreak. You have only three choices: treat them, kill them or alienate them elsewhere.