Check the Track Record of Travel Firm Before You Choose Them

Sure, you have the chance to choose the best service from However, it would be better if you know how long the travel firm has been in the related industry. In addition, don’t forget to check the track records and reviews. Track records or company travel records can be viewed in several ways. First seen from the year how Umroh travel was standing. Usually, the longer the company stands, the more its experience as umroh travel organizer.

Secondly, judging by the number of times the Jamaat dispatched. The more frequent/routine the company has scheduled departure of pilgrims, means the company has good credibility and cooperation with relevant agencies. The last is from the number of pilgrims who have departed. The more the number of pilgrims who depart, means the level of trust in the congregation of the company is very good and all that is back to the satisfaction of service pilgrims.